When to Jump

When to Jump is a book, community and podcast from Mike Lewis, inspiring people to leave behind the life they don’t want and follow their passion instead.

The concept came about through Mike’s own experience of jumping, after leaving behind his job in investment management to tour the world as a professional squash player. Before making that change, he searched far and wide for career change inspiration from other people who had already jumped.

The book is filled with stories written by these ‘jumpers’, and each podcast episode features an interview with one of them about their career change story.

‘The Jump Curve’ details the four phases you’ll work through when making a jump:

Phase 1: “Listen to the Little Voice”
That little voice in your head keeps trying to get your attention and talk you into pursuing a career jump. As time goes by, the voice becomes more insistent and you start considering what you’d do if you went ahead and took action.

Phase 2: “Make a Plan”
No longer is your jump an idea in your mind which you’re trying to ignore. You’re going to do something about it, and that starts with planning; for example saving up money or conducting small, low risk experiments in the field you’re interested in.

Phase 3: “Let Yourself Be Lucky”
This is it: you’re going for it. You have done as much preparation as you can – now is the moment to go ahead and jump.

Phase 4: “Don’t Look Back”
If you’re going to jump, don’t hold yourself back from making the most of it by looking back to the life you had. And even if a jump doesn’t work out as well as you’d hoped, you will always gain by jumping. Through every jump you will learn, develop new skills and become more resilient.