Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a podcast about improving happiness in the workplace, understanding what’s important in work culture and how we can cultivate a more sustainable work life. It’s hosted by Bruce Daisley, former Vice President for Twitter and author of The Joy of Work, and in each episode he interviews business owners, authors and researchers who are putting measures in place to create a happier world of work.

To pull the key points of these discussions together, Bruce and Sue Todd, CEO of Magnetic, created the New Work Manifesto – an eight point plan “designed to help us improve work and get more from our time at our desks”. In part this manifesto is aimed at senior management who should set the right example, instigate and embed these changes across organisations, but there are some aspects which employees can adopt without needing approval from above.

Each category is backed by statistical research and evidence to prove how positively these changes would impact businesses.

  1. “Give Us Some Room”: open plan environments negatively impact concentration levels. More companies should support a working from home policy or create quiet spaces to work in.
  2. “Got To Be Me”: feeling comfortable enough to be your true self at work will result in greater happiness and engagement.
  3. “Presume Permission”: leaders should instil trust across the organisation – by having greater flexibility, they trust that employees will get their work done.
  4. “Laugh”: enjoy being around other people at work and allow time for laughter – it reduces stress levels and can lead to better collaboration.
  5. “40 Hours is Enough”: this is ample time to deliver work – employees should be encouraged to fulfil those hours and embrace time spent outside of work.
  6. “The Only Way Is Ethics”: every business is responsible for setting and upholding ethical standards.
  7. “Reclaim Your Lunch”: have a break from your desk and inbox by going out to eat, taking a walk or doing an activity in the lunch slot you’ve earned and are entitled to take. Having that break will increase your productivity too.
  8. “Digital Sabbath”: put an end to checking and sending work emails over the weekend.

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