Podcasts are a fantastic way of investing in your career development. Listen to the personal stories of career changers, learn from the advice offered by experts in the HR and career industries, and take on board practical tools that you can start applying in your own career. Detailed here are some of the best podcasts for the career changer community.

Career Relaunch®

The podcast featuring career change stories to inspire your own career relaunch.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

A podcast about improving happiness in the workplace, understanding what’s important in work culture and how we can cultivate a more sustainable work life.

Happen to Your Career

The Happen to Your Career podcast is designed to “help you figure out what fits you by exploring other people’s stories”.

Squiggly Careers

The Squiggly Careers podcast is packed with practical advice, tools and techniques that you can put into practice to design a career that you love.

My Career Crisis

My Career Crisis is a podcast dedicated to discussing ordinary people’s career crises.