Happy Startup Summercamp

Happy Startup Summercamp

Happy Startup Summercamp is the annual gathering run by The Happy Startup School, open to 100 people who want to leave their positive mark on the world, by starting or changing something through their work.

Held in the Sussex countryside “a small group of budding entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, movement makers and startup founders will gather”.

Over the course of the weekend there’s a full schedule of talks to listen to, workshops to get involved in, as well as more leisurely group activities (bushcrafting and cider making have previously featured) – take your pick from what you want to participate in.

In 2019 talks included ‘F**k It, Do What You Love’ and ‘Pitch your idea or business in 1 min’, while workshops included ‘Make great ideas happen’ and ‘Picture your business, vision & work’.

Alptitude in the French Alps is a one-week getaway from The Happy Startup School to share learnings with like-minded founders, get new skills and experiences under your belt, and feel inspired to move in a new direction.