Escape the City

The Alternative Careers Festival

Friends Rob, Dom and Mikey felt unfulfilled by their London-based, corporate jobs. They wanted to spend their time doing meaningful work that mattered to them, but when they couldn’t find a website to help them escape their careers, they started their own and Escape the City was born in 2010.

The site is a global community, designed to give everyone access to a 21st century career: “the opportunity to create the perfect personal balance of money, passion, purpose, impact, welfare, freedom.”

Escape the City hosts “events, weekends and part-time courses to take your career in a new direction” – whether you want to turn an idea into a business, or if you’re more comfortable working for someone but want a change in direction, there’ll be a home for you at The Escape School.

There are a few online and in-person courses to choose from (these run at certain times through the year, and in some cases there’s a waiting list), along with one-off events. Being among fellow escapees confirms that you’re not alone in wanting more from work.