The Squiggly Career

The Squiggly Career by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis is a must-have manual to help you find happiness in the modern world of work and take control of your career development. 

Linear career ladders and jobs for life are long gone. In their place are a variety of possibilities to accommodate technological advancements, employees’ flexibility needs, and the likelihood that we’ll be working for much longer than previous generations.

Careers today can take many forms, including having multiple income streams through several jobs; freelancing; being self-employed; moving between industries and role types; or working in a full-time gig and spending leisure hours building a side project to develop new skills.

The Squiggly Career equips people with the five key skills needed to succeed in work today:

  • “Super Strengths: the things you are great at
  • Values: what makes you ‘you’
  • Confidence: belief in yourself
  • Networks: people helping people
  • Future Possibilities: exploring options”

Peppered throughout the book are simple exercises that will provide insightful answers to help you uncover these skills, which you can translate into actions that will move you towards the career you want. By the end of the book you’ll understand how to spend more time doing the things you’re best at, be on your way to defining what matters most to you, recognise how you’ve been holding yourself back at work, crystallise the value of building your network, and have your sights set on next options. 

The resulting self-awareness will both aid your personal and professional growth, and empower you to design a career you love.  

Helen and Sarah are also the founders of Amazing If, a business designed to make work better for everyone, and hosts of the Squiggly Careers podcast. Each episode covers practical tools and techniques to help you take control of your career. 

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