The Multi-Hyphen Method

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon is an honest, practical and topical career guidance book for the modern-day worker.

She argues that working in one path throughout your career is an outdated system with little relevance today, and instead champions the rise of the portfolio career model, or multi-hyphen method, as a way of remaining competitive, following your interests, diversifying your career and being more financially strategic.

Nowadays we have the flexibility and opportunity to build multiple income streams through working in several part-time jobs, be in charge of our own skill development and pursue areas of curiosity through side projects; all thanks to the internet.

As well as drawing on her own experience, the book is peppered with success stories from other multi-hyphens, along with theories and statistics about the changing world of work, all of which supports the move towards this different career model.

It’s a warming, useful and much-needed tool for anyone interested in expanding their career horizons.   

Emma is also the host of the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast, campaigns for flexible working and works as an author and journalist. Learn more @themultihyphenmethod on Instagram.

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