The Remote Life

The Remote LifeBecome “location independent” by taking your work around the world thanks to The Remote Life.

Join the programme, work remotely and live in different cities for a month at a time with like-minded people who also want to explore. Attendees could be professionals employed by organisations, self-employed freelancers or entrepreneurs, or even people looking for international work opportunities.

If you’re after international work, be aware that The Remote Life cannot offer attendees jobs in each location, but they can put you in contact with local organisations to give you a helping hand in making new connections.

The Remote Life takes care of all accommodation, local SIM cards, co-working spaces and one surprise activity per location (what’s not included in the cost is clearly laid out on the website, such as flights). You decide how many months you want to commit to – for some it’s only one, for others it’s three or even up to a year.

To apply complete the application form on the site, have a phone call with one of the team to see if you’re a good fit for each other and if all goes well, you’ll be offered a place.

See also Remote Year for a very similar offering.

Visit the blog to read personal accounts from people on The Remote Life journey, giving an insightful peek into what their experiences entail. There are many inspiring testimonials as to why travelling the world will enhance your career.