The Career Changers

Meet The Career Changers: the people who started out on one path and successfully transitioned into a different career to find joy and fulfilment in their work. 

Be inspired by their highs and lows, learn about the most useful tools that helped with their transition and hear the advice they’d give to anyone thinking about making a career change.

These are their career change stories, filled with honesty, authenticity and optimism.

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From leading sales and business development to becoming a chef.


Joanne spent 30 years working in the retail industry, then quit corporate life to make a career change into work that fulfils her personal values: coaching and developing women.


Alex left London for a 12 month volunteer programme in Zambia with VSO.

Emma Rosen

Emma Rosen spent a year trying out 25 different careers to figure out which was right for her.


Fiona spent 20 years working in media sales before starting a side project to pursue her passion. Now she’s combined her experience and interests to make a career change and land her dream job.


Lauretta has changed career five times and has helped over 1,000 women make their own career changes. She is undoubtedly a huge source of wisdom and experience.


Lauren spent her 20s working in numerous jobs and running two businesses. Her story of career change was guided by a deep process of self-discovery and trusting her intuition.