The 4-Hour Work Week

The 4-Hour Work WeekTim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week flips the career model the majority of us accept without question, in working for forty-odd years to (hopefully) earn ourselves a few decades of retirement in our later lives.

Instead, Tim proposes that we shouldn’t save for retirement in the long-distant future, but work smarter and more effectively so that we can pepper our career with “mini-retirements”, in which we travel, pursue other interests and spend more time focussed on things that matter to us.

In essence: live a more fulfilling life, now.

“DEAL” forms the basis of the book = Definition, Elimination, Automation, Liberation.

Within each section Tim details how he applied the principles detailed in the book to his own career (and how you can too), refers to how others have made the transition to their new lifestyle, and shares loads of recommended resources to use – from website design, to eliminating distractions while you work and where to source a virtual assistant.

Aimed at both business owners and employees, the book has sold over one million copies worldwide. In later editions, case study excerpts from fans bring Tim’s concept alive, further inspiring the possibilities of an attractive and attainable lifestyle.

There’s lots more related content available on Tim Ferriss’ blog – use the search bar to find tonnes of further reading, including usable templates, productivity tricks and outsourcing tips.