Social Starters

Social Starters matches working professionals with at least three years’ experience to grassroots entrepreneurs whose social businesses are making improvements in communities. Working together, both parties “share skills, solve problems, generate new ideas and provide a platform for cross cultural co-creation…and long-term impact.”

Choose to volunteer 2-12 weeks of your time for a project. Based on your skills and experience, the Social Starters team will do the work matching you to a relevant organisation that’s working to positively impact the community, be that a social enterprise, NGO, non-profit or social purpose business.

A few examples of past projects are business strategy, graphic design, e-commerce and content creation.

To apply, complete the online application form then wait to have an interview scheduled. From there, should you be considered a good match for Social Starters and potential assignments, you’ll be offered a formal place.

Alternatively, Social Starters provides support for people intent on starting a social enterprise through an informative email series or guidance.

Check the Social Starters blog to read accounts from current and alumni volunteers, more about the clients Social Starters are partnering with and upcoming projects to get involved in.