Remote Year

Remote Year provides the means to travel the world while working.

The concept works entirely on the basis that you are able to work remotely and while some “Remotes” will be self-employed, there’s no need to rule yourself out from considering this if you’re employed by an organisation. Remote Year can also provide support if you need help getting the green light from your employer.

Sign up either to a 12 month or four month-long programme and spend each month living and working in a different city. You’ll co-work in shared spaces with other Remotes, live like a local by taking advantage of organised events, share knowledge and know that each month will hold a different life experience.

Remote Year takes care of all travel between cities, accommodation, sourcing co-working spots, local guides and event organisation. Obviously this comes at a cost, so Remotes need to be financially comfortable enough to foot the monthly payments.

Cities visited are detailed on the website, but they’re likely to change each year to keep the programme fresh. New intakes join through the year and there is a screening process to get on board to ensure there’s a diversity of experience and backgrounds. First register for an invitation to apply, and if they like what they read they’ll ask you to complete an application form. Make it through that stage to an online interview, and fingers crossed you’re offered a place.