MeetupMeetup is home to a community of people who want to spend time with, and learn from others who share the same interests.

Search for Meetups in your area by category, including Career & Business, Tech, and Learning. Not all Meetups are focused on up-skilling or career development. While some people might be looking to improve their capability in their current job or become more knowledgeable about their side-hustle project, others use Meetups purely for pleasure, to fill their leisure hours with activities that bring them fulfilment.

Whatever your reason for going to a Meetup, it’s a good way to meet new people and gain different experiences. There’s a huge variety available within the 24 categories, including pottery classes for beginners, hiking trails, board game evenings and speed networking.

Meetup is an international community operating in cities around the world. Some Meetup organisers charge payment (starting from £1 per person admin fee).