Hurry Slowly

Hurry SlowlyHurry Slowly is a podcast featuring conversations with business owners, writers, designers and more. Its purpose is to explore how we can slow down our activity. By pacing ourselves, we can ‘avoid burnout, improve productivity and activate creativity.’

If you’re tired of being so tired, struggling to keep up with your own pace and are familiar with feelings of burnout, give this enlightening podcast a listen. Titles to episodes can be deceptive so have a read of the show notes to get a better idea of content.

For example the first episode is called ‘Whose Schedule Are You On?’ which is a quote taken from that episode’s conversation with Jason Fried, the founder of Basecamp. However the focus of the interview is actually all about his efforts to minimise employees’ time at work.

He believes that the number of hours to do the work we need to do hasn’t changed since technology advanced, but because of those advances we have far more distractions and interruptions that break up our working day. That means working hours are bleeding into our time that’s intended as non-work time. His business uses interesting techniques to restrict those interruptions and boost productivity, and he fully encourages a time-capped working week.