Feel Good Work

Feel good workDo you hate the work you’re doing now, or work you’ve done in the past? Do you also have no clue what work you’d rather be doing? You’re sick of trying to figure out your ideal career path and have basically given up hope on finding work you’ll love?

If so, check out Sarah Vermunt’s free ‘Careergasm Crash Course’. Each week for five weeks you’ll receive one email focusing on one area to focus on – “think of it as a bunch of cheat sheets for career clarity.”

If you want to tackle the same problems in more depth, consider the (paid-for) online course ‘Careergasm: A Course for Discovering Your Calling’, split into two parts – “one to help you get clear on what you want, and the other to help you move through your fear”, 15 sections of video content and workbooks, and 100 pages of enriching content.

Sarah has written a number of free resources – snappy blog posts within each of these categories:

  • Freebies for Wannabe Career Changers
  • Freebies for Wannabe Entrepreneurs
  • Freebies for Grads and Career Newbies
  • Freebies for Stressed-Out Hardcores

To learn more about Sarah Vermunt, see Careergasm.