Effective Altruism

80,000 Hours80,000 Hours helped to start the Effective Altruism Community: “a group of people devoted to using evidence and reason to figure out the most effective ways to help others, such as through donating, political advocacy, or using their careers.” In short, help others and others may help you.

They also co-founded Effective Altruism Global (EA Global); an annual conference held in locations across the world – including London – where attendees “discuss new thinking in the field of effective altruism, share new research, familiarize themselves with core concepts, and coordinate on global projects.”

Occasionally 80,000 Hours run free face-to-face workshops, where attendees complete exercises and listen to short talks. By the end of the session, you’ll walk away knowing “a career you’ll be good at, you’ll enjoy, and that will make a big positive impact on the world.” Check their website to find out about upcoming dates and locations.