Creative Rebel

Creative RebelVioleta Nedkova is a “Coach for Multipassionates and Creative Rebels”. She’s dedicated to helping people be true to themselves through her writing and coaching; whether that’s a business owner needing to identify their purpose and market themselves better, or individuals wanting clarity on how to live and work without compromise.

And what is a multipassionate? We can define it in the same way that Emilie Wapnick defines a multipotentialite: “someone with many interests and creative pursuits”.

Violeta writes eloquent and honest blog posts – one good example is How exactly can you “find” your purpose and why would you want to?

You can also download her five free snappy miniguides; useful if you’re feeling stuck because the practical exercises included will start moving you forwards. She believes that answers are found by looking inwards, and the questions posed will help you to unpack all that goodness.

  • Differentiate yourself: “Stop blending in & step into the magic of standing out”
  • Define your purpose: “Your purpose is your higher calling”
  • Bet on your strengths: “Your superpowers will open secret doors for you”
  • Discover your core message: “Forget the niche, it’s time for your core message”
  • Shake things up: “5 prompts for creative rebels who want to shake things up”