“Roz offers a calm practicality, guiding me through a chaotic life of my own making – our weekly sessions always steady the ship, and help me work out where I should focus my energies to actually move forwards!” – Charles

“Roz noted my achievements and got me to recognise the strengths I had that helped me to move forward. This praise was gratefully received and inspired me to believe in myself. Roz had a professional, kind but structured manner to the sessions which motivated me to take action!” – Joanne

“Roz helped me to set a very clear goal by reviewing the reasons behind this wish to change, so I was able to come up with solutions to move forward. I felt safe to open up about some confidence issues/insecurities, as we built strong rapport very quickly. I felt listened to and really appreciated all the strengths Roz picked up which I didn’t appreciate I had. The most important impact from the sessions we had was thinking about my own identity and realising the need to accept myself, rather than change.” – Nat

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