Power Hour session

A Power Hour session is the perfect solution if you’d like to dip into coaching on an ad hoc basis and receive support on specific aspects of your career development or career change journey. Through my coaching method, I’ll be your personal cheerleader focused on getting you results.

Who is this perfect for

  • You’re new to coaching and don’t want to dive into a long-term programme or invest huge sums of money
  • You’re a successful and headstrong professional who needs support in one or two areas
  • Your brain feels like a tangled web and you’re not sure where to begin with unravelling those threads of thought
  • You’re weighing up the option of making a career change
  • You’ll appreciate having time solely dedicated to discussing your career needs with an impartial coach
  • You’re curious to have a taste of the coaching experience

Who you’ll be working with

I’m Roz, the Founder of More From My Career and a Career Coach. After going through my own career change, I am passionate about empowering people to have the meaningful career they deserve. I’m a calm, personable and honest coach here to support and challenge you.

You can read what others have said about their experience of working with me on the testimonials page and learn more about my background here.

What we could explore

  • Getting you unstuck and focused on what’s next in your career
  • Identifying your core values, so you can make informed and meaningful decisions about your career direction
  • Assessing whether a career change is right for you, or whether switching companies or industries would be more suitable
  • Recognising your key strengths and other resources you can draw on
  • Getting to the heart of what’s been holding you back from taking action
  • Starting your own side project, business, or portfolio career
  • Thinking creatively about the options available to you
  • Job searching strategies
  • …or any other topic, as the session will be unique to your requirements

What you can expect

  • 1 hour session over the phone or on Skype
  • Personalised and personable 1-2-1 support
  • A professional coach focused entirely on you during our time together
  • Exercises to sharpen your career development and propel you into moving forwards with intention
  • Suggestions for specific resources to explore, such as career-related books
  • A clear and simple-to-follow action plan, to move you towards the life and career you deserve


Each Power Hour costs £100, paid in advance of the session.

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