Individual session

An individual 1-2-1 session is a great option if you’d like to give coaching a try, and receive support on specific aspects of your career change.

Before committing to anything, we’ll start with a free of charge 30 minute exploratory call, in which you’ll learn more about coaching and have the chance to ask any questions about the process. If you then decide that coaching is a good option for you, we’ll book in the 1-2-1 session. And if coaching isn’t the right fit, we’ll do our best to recommend alternative options whenever possible.

Our coaching method means we’ll explore things like:

  • Where you’re at on your career change journey
  • Your core values
  • What strengths and resources you can draw on
  • What’s holding you back
  • Getting creative over options available to you
  • Building an action plan that will get you moving forwards

You can treat the individual session as a one-off to get you fired up, or come back if you’d like further support. Four-six sessions are recommended and can be arranged at times that suit your schedule. Each individual session is done over the phone or on Skype and lasts up to 1 hour.

To book in your free of charge 30 minute call to learn more about coaching and find out whether it’s right for you, submit your details on the Contact page and we’ll be in touch.

“Roz helped me to set a very clear goal by reviewing the reasons behind this wish to change, so I was able to come up with solutions to move forward. I felt safe to open up about some confidence issues/insecurities, as we built strong rapport very quickly. I felt listened to and really appreciated all the strengths Roz picked up which I didn’t appreciate I had. The most important impact from the sessions we had was thinking about my own identity and realising the need to accept myself, rather than change.” – Nat