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Coaching empowers you to become the person you want to be and have the career that fits you like a glove. Crucially, coaching gets you results.

I’m Roz, a career changer, the Founder of More From My Career and a career coach with a passion for empowering young professionals to have meaningful careers that feel good. I believe that everyone can have the career they want and it’s my job to move you into action, to create the fulfilling career you deserve. You can read more about my story here.

My speciality is helping people get unstuck by discovering their perfectly-paired new career, through a proven 12-step Career Change Programme. If you have no idea what career you’d rather be doing and you’re feeling completely stuck about where to begin with changing career, this programme was made for you and I would love to support you.

Find out more about the Career Change Programme, as well as my other coaching solutions, by clicking the links below.

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Career Change Programme

If you’re serious about changing career but have no idea what work you want to do instead, this programme is for you. In our work together, you’ll go from no idea to *the* idea.

Power Hour session

A Power Hour session is the perfect solution if you’d like to dip into coaching on an ad hoc basis and receive support on specific aspects of your career change.

CV Clinic

A recruiter spends an average of six seconds reviewing a candidate’s CV, so that first impression really matters. If you’re wanting to change career, you’ll have even more of a challenge. Let me help set you up for success.


“Roz noted my achievements and got me to recognise the strengths I had that helped me to move forward. This praise was gratefully received and inspired me to believe in myself.”