CareergasmCareergasm – Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work is a book “for anyone who dreads Monday morning”. It represents a belief that we are all entitled to feel amazing about our work – like you and your career belong together. Today the author Sarah Vermunt is a career coach, public speaker and writer. But before all that she worked in university recruitment, then got into teaching and was working towards a Ph.D.…until she had a career breakdown.

Now she’s devoted to “helping people quit jobs they hate, to helping them get the hell out of Dodge when they just can’t take it anymore.”

Each of the 10 sections is split into several chapters, focussing one at a time on things like exercises to do, bashing common limiting beliefs, and calling you out on why you’re holding yourself back. She writes in a very informal, personable way and is wonderfully articulate, using examples from her own, and her coaching clients’ careers to bring her suggestions to life.

Like with any toolkit, you won’t find the perfect career just by reading this book; you’ll need to invest time into her suggested exercises. Why delay? To quote Sarah directly:

“Waiting for the perfect moment doesn’t work because it never shows up. Life is complicated, unpredictable, ever-changing, and always surprising. Ideal timing is a figment of our imagination. Just when you think a window of ideal time is about to open, life will throw you another curveball. Better to start now, even if it means starting very slowly.”