How to Find (and Keep) Remote Work in the Pandemic (and Beyond)

Guest written by Naomi Johnson.

Like most industries today, the gig economy has also been gravely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, with widespread restrictions, remote work has also flourished. Indeed, there’s no better way to spend your free time than by finding remote work. And as there’s still no end in sight to the threat of COVID-19, it’s just as important to also find ways to keep it consistent. Here are some helpful resources.

Where and How to Find Remote Work

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Provide Equipment
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What You Need to Work from Home

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Work-from-Home Best Practices

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How to
Work from Home with Kids During the Coronavirus Quarantine
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11 Ways to
Get Freelance Clients to Come to You
Building a
Remote Work Portfolio as You Go Along

Suffice to say, finding remote work that’s lucrative and legitimate is only half the battle. Holding on to it for the long haul is the other (half, that is). However, with the right tools and resources, you can easily get all these things done — not just in quarantine, but maybe even beyond.

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