3 Things That Boost Job Hunting During COVID

Due to COVID-19, job hunting has changed for candidates and employers have had to adapt their whole recruitment process to be remote-friendly. This means that for a lot of candidates, you can’t always rely on a face-to-face interview to make a positive impression. On the contrary, it is now essential to build an attractive profile entirely online. In a context where employers and recruiters handle candidates’ screening and interviews remotely, you need to adjust your approach for the digital recruitment process. New buzzwords, such as Zoom-friendly and webcam-ready, are skills that candidates are expected to demonstrate. To stand out from the crowd, you need to COVID-proof your application.

Polishing your resume
Proofreading your resume is an essential step that every candidate should take. It can be helpful to ask someone else to read through and check for typos, inaccuracies and mistakes. It’s easy to overlook those when you are in a hurry. In a digital recruiting process, your CV needs to be written with pace and readability in mind, allowing multiple recruiters and interviewers to work remotely together. Professional proofreading companies can also help format and edit your CV to make it screen-friendly for remote interviews. 

Additionally, it is worth highlighting work-from-home skills that are relevant to the company. As you do your research about each company, considering their response to the pandemic can be helpful. A business that offers extended customer service hours to support their community, for instance, will be more likely to welcome flexible working hours. 

Don’t let things get blurry
Your resume is only the first contact point. Recruiters can first suggest a phone interview to filter the most suitable candidates. If you are successful at that stage, the second interview is more likely to be a video call, using a platform such as Zoom. A lot of recruiters are still keen on testing candidates, and many have not been able to change their interview tests. Therefore, you may be expected to study test questions via screen share. At this stage, you can’t afford to blow your chances. Making sure you can see better on the screen – even if it includes changing your glasses – is a no-brainer. Additionally, you want to have a reliable broadband connection, as screen freezes or unexpected slowdowns can affect not only your interview, but also your success in landing the position. 

Making a positive impression on webcam
As a candidate, you understand how to get dressed for an interview. Getting dressed for an online interview follows the same principles; your outfit needs to be fit for the culture of the organisation. A smart jumper can make a positive impression in a casual dress code environment, while a suit may feel overdressed. You may want to use additional lighting, such as a desk lamp that shines on your face from behind the screen. 

Your background can also affect how others perceive you. Thankfully, remote interview settings enable you to use a background image. You can select an office background to hide your cluttered bedroom, for instance! If you are handy with Photoshop, you can also personalise the background with the logo of the company. 

In conclusion, in a world that is embracing virtual offices and remote staff, candidates need to adapt to the digital challenges. Making a positive impression when you can’t meet your employer in person is a delicate balancing act. Job hunting during the pandemic requires remote-friendly skills and settings, from your webcam set-up to your broadband connection. 

This is a collaborative post that was ghost written for More From My Career.

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