How to Be a Pro at Networking Online in a Post-Pandemic World

Guest written by Gabrielle Gardiner.

Mastering the art of networking online in a world of working remotely is no small feat. Networking has drastically changed over the past several months, and professionals need to stay sharp to keep up their digital networking skills. Although networking online in the wake of the pandemic presents a plethora of new opportunities, it’s oftentimes more challenging. After all, you need to be extremely tech-savvy and virtually convey your personality, expertise, and soft skills authentically.

To be successful while exclusively networking digitally, your personal brand needs to be polished. Prioritizing online personal branding is invaluable. It’s a chance to boost your credibility among your existing network while expanding far beyond your usual professional connections. Working remotely might take a toll on networking in-person, but don’t let it be a reason for your professional relationships to suffer. 

Perhaps LinkedIn is your go-to social network, but it’s important to mix up which platforms you use. There are various alternatives only a Google search away. Whether you’re a web developer, architect, real estate agent, or fashion designer there are websites dedicated to professionals like you. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to leverage your networking opportunities beyond LinkedIn.

Since networking online is the only way to connect with mentors, business partners, and industry peers, there is a ton of pressure. Instead of stressing out, approach networking in a proactive and positive way. Don’t fall into the trap of doing the bare minimum when it comes to keeping up with your network. Focus on the advantages of networking online and take action. 

Maybe you can’t attend your favorite in-personal conferences or other events anymore, but don’t let it be an excuse to compromise your networking efforts. There has never been a more important time to stay on top of the latest networking tactics. Check out the graphic below for some of the best ways to network online in a fast-paced, post-pandemic world:

Gabrielle is a Manhattan-based content creator who writes articles with actionable tips for professionals. She’s passionate about sharing her insights to empower people to succeed in their careers.

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