Turn your passion into a career opportunity

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. For some people, their passion is obvious from an early age and leads them directly into a related career route. As an example, you may absolutely love animals, which meant you wanted to become a vet. For others, a passion is either hidden or doesn’t seem relevant to any job. 

This article should help you uncover your passion and turn it into a career opportunity. Imagine doing something every single day that you love and are passionate about! It’s the ultimate recipe for a dream job – here are a few suggestions to follow.

Make a list of your favourite things

Take the time to write a list of all the things you enjoy most about life. This can include anything you want – literally anything at all, regardless of whether it’s related to work. Some of the things you jot down won’t be relevant, but don’t let that deter you as this exercise can be one of the best ways to uncover your passion. Soon, you’ll start noticing patterns between the things you like and one of those could potentially be a career option. A great example is someone who writes down that they love going to the gym, running, and being fit. From here, you open up so many different career paths in the health and fitness industry

Search for jobs relating to your passion

Next, look at your list of favourite things and search for jobs relating to them. This gives you an idea of what opportunities are out there. It’s also a smart way of seeing which passions are perhaps more realistic than others. You can easily do this in your free time and use all the various job searching tools available to you. While you’re not applying for anything right now, it’s helpful to see the different avenues you can consider pursuing. This step also helps you scrap a few ideas and zero in on a path that sounds most appealing to you. 

Look for courses relating to your passion

Another tip is to scour the web for courses that relate to your passion. This is a great way of getting some extra knowledge in your chosen field. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how diverse educational courses are nowadays. Got a passion for social media? There are tonnes of social media marketing courses out there. Got a passion for something random like powerboating? You can easily find an RYA powerboat level 2 course to go on. Attending courses isn’t confirmation that you want to move into this career. But, it is a good way to gain valuable experience and have a sense of what to expect from your chosen path. It could ignite your passion even more, or it may convince you that another route suits you better. 

It is possible to take a passion and turn it into a fulfilling career path. Figure out what makes you happiest in life. Then, see if job opportunities are available, and look to attend courses or invest in extra learning. It will amaze you how simple it is to find a career that makes you happy and fulfilled. 

This is a collaborative post that was ghost written for More From My Career.

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