Confidence at work: a primer

Work confidence is a curious thing. When all’s going well, you can feel like you’re flying high, but hit a hurdle, and all of that bravado can instantly evaporate, resulting in a situation that can leave you questioning your capabilities and decisions. However, there are some strategies you can use to give yourself a more consistent sense of confidence; one that will stick with you even during the challenging times. Read on to learn about these strategies. 

Keep track of your achievements and successes

One smart way of boosting your confidence in the workplace is to be proactive about keeping track of your achievements and successes. In fact, this can be particularly effective because we all tend to suffer from a cognitive distortion in the workplace, known as mental filtering. That is, we discount all the positive things and successes we have made and only look for the negatives. 

Of course, by keeping a list with examples of the successes you’ve had in the workplace, you can review these when you feel your confidence starts to wane. This activity can provide a much-needed boost on a bad day. 

Additionally, keeping a list of successes will also put you in an excellent position for when you want to apply for a promotion or a job elsewhere. After all, you will have evidence of the value you added to the company in your last role; something that will be very convincing to anyone looking to promote or recruit you. 

Be a mentor

Next, you can be more confident in the workplace by offering your services as a mentor. In fact, mentoring someone else will have a whole range of benefits that can boost how secure you feel in your knowledge, performance and abilities as well. 

One of these is that by being asked to mentor, you can be secure in the knowledge that others see you as competent. Additionally, the process of sharing your knowledge and understanding with someone else can help to solidify your confidence. Finally, mentoring another person can not only be very rewarding but also give you a fantastic sense of perspective on your career. After all, sharing your experience will remind you of all the challenges you faced, and that you successfully negotiated them to get to where you are now. 

Create a healthy work-life balance

Another tactic you can use to keep your confidence high at work is making sure you have an excellent work-life balance. In fact, rather than putting all of your efforts into excelling in the workplace, forging meaningful connections, and engaging in activities outside of work can be worthwhile. 

The reason being that a healthy work-life balance will help to ensure that your sense of self and self-worth do not solely come from your job. So when things get tough at work, you’ll have a whole other part of your life to rely on and enjoy. This, in turn, can help keep your morale and confidence levels up, no matter what challenges you face.

This is a collaborative post that was ghost written for More From My Career.

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