Your free time is the key to unlocking more from your career

When it comes to unlocking more from our careers, some of us think about ways we can be more productive during the day, or even whether a career change could lead to higher levels of satisfaction

However, what you do in your spare time can also have a significant impact on how much you get from your work. If you’re at something of a career wall, then making different use of your evenings or weekends could be the right approach. Let’s look at how you can maximise that free time to your benefit.

You choose what you consume
You may not have a choice about what to listen to on the company radio, and the chances are that even the break room TV is controlled by someone else. This lack of choice in your consumption can leave you limited within your career. During your free time though, you’re at liberty to consume whatever you want – you could turn to something like this entrepreneurship podcast to help you look at work differently, or learn something new. Rather than reading business-based newsletters, you can read books with fresh and exciting advice. You get the idea; the moment you can choose what you consume could well be the moment you finally start consuming stuff which takes your career to the next level.

You can talk it out
No one wants to be that person having a good old moan when the boss comes up behind them. As such, most of us are pretty tight-lipped about work gripes during the day. Once you get home though, you’re with people you trust and can confide in. Sometimes, you may find that the mere act of talking things through helps you to reach conclusions which grow or advance your career. You can also talk through worries, or problems you’re having within your working life. Or, you may find that an outside perspective is useful for pointing out advancement opportunities which you didn’t see.

You can finally turn off
Sometimes, it’s the things we don’t do which help us to get more from our careers in the long-term. When you’re stuck in work mode, for instance, it can be challenging to approach a task or client request from a fresh angle. This will see you forever producing the same kind of work, which might be adequate but is unlikely to lead to advancements. If you really make an effort to kick back and clear you mind during your evenings, though, you may well find that you can finally get your creativity flowing. And, that could be the thing which leads you to a promotion or a new position altogether.

If you’re stuck in a work rut right now, expand your horizons by bringing your free time into the mix. You never know what it might do for you. 

This is a collaborative post that was ghost written for More From My Career.

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