Careers options in property

Fancy a career in property? Helping people to find their new home can be a rewarding experience — and in many cases it can be very well paid. Here are just several careers in property that could be worth considering.

Real estate agents
Real estate agents help to market properties, connecting buyers with sellers and tenants with landlords. They often get paid commission on sales, making it a potentially lucrative career for those that are persuasive salespeople. Real estate agents often juggle a number of roles, from hosting property viewings to valuing properties. Organisation and good people skills are important. Qualifications meanwhile can be advantageous, but often aren’t necessary. Some people go on to apply for a real estate license, starting their own agency business. Others may prefer the security of working for a company.

Surveyors are hired to inspect properties for signs of damage. Many home buyers hire surveyors to inspect properties for future repair costs before committing to a purchase. Mortgage companies also hire surveyors to check that a property isn’t too much of a risk to give out a loan on. A bachelor’s degree in surveying and mapping is often required to get into this career, although there are other routes to entry, such as apprenticeships. Strong attention to detail and good technical knowledge are required to thrive in this field.

Conveyancers handle the legal paperwork when buying and selling property. This job is great for those with an interest in law that may not want to deal with the conflict experienced in other law-based jobs. It does, however, require being able to work methodically and at a fast pace. A law degree is often required to become a conveyancer, although there are other routes in conveyancing.

Mortgage brokers
Mortgage brokers help home buyers to find the best deal when shopping for a mortgage. Much like real estate agents they may receive commission from mortgage lenders, making it a potentially lucrative profession. No formal qualifications are needed to become a mortgage broker, although a degree in finance could be advantageous. You will need to have a strong understanding of mortgages and be confident giving advice to others. There are mortgage broker firms that you can work for. Alternatively, you may be able to make it on your own by setting up your own company.

Social housing officers
Social housing officers help to find property for those that are unable to afford renting privately. They must assess the needs of those on the waiting list and then find suitable accommodation that is either council owned or owned by a housing association. With the property crisis growing, there is a great demand for people in this trade. It is a very fast-paced job, but ultimately one that can be very rewarding – the people you are helping to house may be vulnerable or homeless. Qualifications in social welfare can be advantageous, but aren’t necessary.

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