How To Get Your Freelance Creativity Flowing

When you first think about going freelance, you could feel really motivated about your business idea – so much so that you want to put all your energy into it. Perhaps you’ll get started in your free time to build up this budding little business, while still managing a full-time job.

Even if the business idea involves a career change, when you’re passionate about the freelance work that you’re doing, it can be really exciting. However, you may also find that all that early energy can start to burn out, as it’s only possible to maintain high motivation levels for so long. And when you’re really in the swing of building things, you may discover that it’s hard for you to stay creative. So let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to ensure your creativity keeps flowing.

Get into a routine
To start with, you need a routine and at first this may seem restrictive. But, sometimes you need to encourage your creativity by forcing it out. If you are sporadic with your working habits, it can mean that you never really get in the zone. But if you know that you sit down to work at a set time, you may find that it’s much easier to draw on creativity.

Prioritise productivity
In addition to establishing a daily routine, your productivity is important too. When you have a few hours each day to work in, you’ll want to think about how you can get as much done in that time. So you need to just get started and make sure that you call your creativity out, because you know that you only have so much time to get the work done.

Work in a motivating environment
If you’re always alone in an office, or you’re trying to get work done from the kitchen table, you may find that you’re not in the best or most motivating of creative spaces. Instead, you need to think about how your outer space effects you and inspires moments of creativity. Sometimes, working in coworking spaces can be more suitable as you may feel motivated by having others around you, to keep you in a creative mood.

Experience more
Sometimes the reason you don’t feel all that creative is because you’re limited in your experiences. However, if you can get out and about, see more things, do more things, and meet people, it can be really inspiring for you.

Collaborate with others
Finally, you may also find that one of the reasons that you’re not feeling all that creative right now is that you’re alone. While it can sometimes be great to be alone with your thoughts, creativity can often flow better when you’re bouncing ideas off of other people. So think about how you can collaborate with others. Consider how you can team up with other freelancers or creatives to brainstorm ideas and look to improve your creative process at the same time.

This is a collaborative post that was ghost written for More From My Career.

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