Content Writers: Five New Skills to Add to Your CV

As a content writer, your skills are always going to be in demand. Businesses need proficient writers to create copy, write their business emails, social media posts and contribute to their blog, amongst other things. There are plenty of freelance opportunities online which enable you to be your own boss, or you could work with a company as a contractor or employee. However, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, improve your career further and generally add more strings to your bow then there are some additional skills that are well worth building as a content creator.

As a content writer, it’s so worth having your own blog. When you write for a job, you’re confined by what the client wants from you, but when you have your own creative space you can write whatever you want. Not only does this improve your skills and allow you to explore your own interests, but it looks good on your resume and you could also make a side income from it. Open an account with Blogger or WordPress and start creating content that you genuinely enjoy putting out there.

Knowing your way around the internet and being apt with technology is important as a content writer. You’ll need to be able to research effectively and use the tools and softwares that are available to you to make what you write the best it can be. Having a general understanding of IT isn’t a bad thing for any kind of career, but with one where you’re solely working online, it could be well worth getting to grips with. Sign yourself up to a course or local class and expand your knowledge.

Digital marketing
Digital marketing and content writing really do go hand in hand. It’s one thing being able to write well and for a specific audience, but when you understand SEO, keyword planning, how to use alt text and much more, you can get your work out there to a much wider audience. If you’re wanting to go in a slightly different direction with your career then taking a course or finding a digital marketing apprenticeship is likely to work well with your current skill set. But even if you’re planning on staying in content creation, understanding digital marketing can help you take things to the next level.

Graphic design and photography
Being able to produce written content is fantastic and something you can make a career out of by itself. However, if you want to expand your skills and knowledge, why not look into ways you can produce other kinds of content? Using graphic design to create infographics ties in with marketing, and could be a fantastic way to add another dimension to your articles.

Being a skilled photographer means you’re a great all-rounder in terms of creating unique content for your blog or for a client. These two skills also go hand in hand, and will enable you to learn how to use software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

This is a collaborative post that was ghost written for More From My Career.

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