5 Mistakes To Avoid When Job Hunting

A few common mistakes could be crushing your chances of finding that dream job. Here are five mistakes that you want to avoid when job hunting and what you should do instead.

Relying on others to get you a job
You can (and should) use the people around you to help you find a job. As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop being proactive and should let others do all the work for you. Don’t think that you can rely on your parents to find you a job – most employers are more likely to appreciate you asking for a job rather than your parents. Similarly, don’t sign up to a recruitment agency and expect to sit back and let the jobs come to you – you should keep doing your own searching to maximise your chances of finding that ultimate job.

Applying only to companies that are advertising
A lot of people only apply to companies that are advertising. However, you can sometimes get lucky by applying to companies that aren’t advertising too – some of them may be thinking of hiring someone in the near future and you may be able to get in there early. In fact, some of the most prestigious companies rarely have to advertise because applicants are constantly coming to them. There are tricks that you can use to work for your dream company regardless of whether they are hiring. One trick is to offer to volunteer for a couple weeks – even if they’re not looking for a new staff member, they’ll likely take you on, which may give you the opportunity to prove yourself and convince them to give you a paid role.

Not getting your resume proofread
It’s worth always getting someone else to read your CV before distributing it. They may be able to suggest changes or highlight errors that you’ve overlooked. On top of friends and family, you may want to hire a proofreading company such as Paper True – these professional companies may be able to give you more reliable advice (some of these professionals may have worked in recruitment or HR before, so they know what the people reading your resume will be looking for).

Not doing your company research
A lot of people fail to do their company research before applying to a job. This research is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can ensure that it’s a reputable company that you’re going to enjoy working for. Many companies have employee reviews on Glassdoor such as these CRST International reviews, that can give you a good indicator of what past employees think. General customer reviews meanwhile can give you an idea of how rewarding the work is likely to be – if customers aren’t generally happy you could find your work difficult. Another reason to do your research beforehand is so that you can come across more knowledgeable and passionate in an interview. By showing you understand the company, it will show employers that you really want the job.

Failing to follow up
One of the most common mistakes that jobseekers make is not following up applications. Emailing an employer to check that they got your CV shows that you’re passionate about getting the job and persistent. You may similarly want to follow up after an interview – most employers should contact you afterwards, but if it’s been a couple weeks you may want to follow up. Even if they’ve hired someone else, they’ll appreciate your enthusiasm and may consider prioritising you in in the future.

This is a collaborative post that was ghost written for More From My Career.

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