Managing anxiety

Nicky Cullen offers “no bullsh*t advice to help with anxiety.”

His mission is to help you “get your shit together”, because he believes that anxiety shouldn’t debilitate as many people as it does. He teaches how to understand and manage anxiety, so that you can control it and take steps to build a happier life.

Although he’s straight-talking, that doesn’t mean he lacks empathy. In fact his work now as a coach and writer is thanks to his long-suffering experience of anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Nicky has written two free e-books to help if you’re struggling with anxiety:

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Anxious Mind is a practical read detailing the components or “sins” of anxiety. Nicky explains why we adopt those sins and how we can overcome them.

14 Steps to Get Your Anxiety Under Control indicates ways you can take charge of your anxiety. It does not have to define you and with some effort, you can learn how to better manage it.

Check out his website and blog content, starting with this recommended post: ‘Work has crippled me with anxiety. Is it time to quit?’