Hurry Slowly

Hurry Slowly is a podcast that explores how we can slow down our daily activity without compromising on the quality of output, featuring conversations with business owners, writers, designers and more.

By pacing ourselves, we can ‘avoid burnout, improve productivity and activate creativity.’

Topics explored include the power of silence, benefits from walking, setting yourself up for a productive day, putting pen to paper, and how sleep is critical to our capability and performance at work.

The first episode ‘Whose Schedule Are You On?’ features a conversation with Jason Fried, the founder of Basecamp, focusing on how he minimises employees’ time at work. He argues that the number of hours to do the work we need to do hasn’t changed since technology advanced, but because of those advances we have far more distractions and interruptions that break up our working day. That means working hours are bleeding into our time that’s intended as non-work time. His business uses interesting techniques to restrict those interruptions and boost productivity within the hours employees are scheduled to work.