25 careers before turning 25

Emma Rosen is the brains behind 25before25: “the radical sabbatical” in which she tried out 25 different career paths over the space of 12 months, before her 25th birthday.

The idea came about when Emma was working within a highly reputable graduate scheme, which she landed right after university. She’d ended up in the job without any conviction that this was the right path for her. In fact, she never really knew what she wanted to do, but after seeing the trajectory of her colleagues in that organisation, she knew that wasn’t the path she wanted to follow.

After leaving the job she embarked on a year-long process of experimentation, working her way through short-term placements (each around two weeks) in 25 different areas of interest to her, including wedding photography, investigative journalism and farming. She documented each experience and graded each one against a list of key career attributes she wanted to satisfy in a future career.

25before25 aims, in part, to advocate work experience for people of any age. If you’re interested in gaining insight into a different area of work, check out ViewVo’s offering.

You can find out more about Emma’s year of experimentation via her website, or follow what she’s up to now on Twitter and Instagram.