Fear of failure

One reason why people don’t set goals for themselves is that they’re afraid of failing, or not being ‘good enough’ at the thing they’ve set their mind to.

The fear of failure is ground in ‘what if’ scenarios.

What happens if I fail? I’ll let myself down. I won’t be as good, accomplished or established as I believed I could be. I’ll be a disappointment to myself.

Rather than take that risk of potential failure, some people avoid the problem altogether by settling with their current lot, without reaching for other ground.

But without trying new things that fall into our stretch zone, there is no possibility of failure or success, or learning and growing. Things will most likely stay as they are. And that’s fine if you’re content with things as they are.

What if you’re not content? Is there a voice in your head curious about what it’d be like if you could have the life you want, or be the person you want to be? Do you daydream about the changes you will get around to making one day?

Consider this: what would happen if you couldn’t fail? What would you do then? What changes would you make? What career options would you consider?

Are you holding yourself back from what you want?