Sabbaticals and career breaks

Taking a sabbatical or career break can be prompted by things which are out of our control. But sometimes they are strategic and treated as an opportunity to gain different work experience. Stefan Sagmeister’s TED talk The power of time off gives a compelling case for the benefits of time away from your regular job.

If you’re looking to spend time abroad during your career break or sabbatical, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Experience another way of life
Workaway connects volunteers of any age with hosts around the world. Typically a host provides accommodation and, in exchange for free food and board, the volunteer gives back time towards the host’s project. Projects could be personal to an individual host, or tied into a community – examples include working in education or farming, with animals or tourists, and towards an eco or charity project.

You can learn more about Workaway here.

Pod Volunteer places people in 1-12 week volunteering projects around the world, working within animal conversation, building and community, conservation, child care, and education. They highlight why their placements suit people of any age, including those on working holidays or career breaks.

Read up about Pod Volunteer here.

Same job, different place
Perhaps you want to continue doing the same kind of work, but switch up your environment – in which case, Jobbatical could be the answer. Jobbatical is a platform that hosts business, creative and technical job vacancies around the world; helping connect globally-minded employers with skilled candidates who want to relocate.

Employers pay for relocation costs and cover visas and sponsorship. For each job advertised, you’ll find top-line information about cost of living in that country and example daily living costs.

Where could your career break or sabbatical take you?