Obsessive Comparison Disorder

“It’s hard to talk about the hard stuff in our lives if we’re constantly trying to make it appear like nothing in our lives is hard.”

Those are the words of Paul Angone, author of All Groan Up, public speaker and advocate for millennials trying to figure out the answers to some of life’s big questions, like ‘what do I do with my life?’.

Paul coined the term “Obsessive Comparison Disorder” in 2011 to describe how twentysomethings are likely to compare themselves to others in every aspect of their lives…

…be that their friends, family members, colleagues, celebrities in relation to things like career, body image, relationships, holidays, education and material possessions.

In going through this torture-like comparison exercise, they convince themselves that everyone else has a much better life; more successful, more fulfilling and far richer in experiences.

Do you suffer from Obsessive Comparison Disorder? Have a read of Paul’s suggested tips here.